Quality Control Manual



EG Machine Corp., founded in 1990, is located at 630 S. Jefferson St. Suite M, Placentia, California, is precision machining work specializing in the aerospace government and commercial applications.

Quality Sysytem

The EG Quality System is communicated throughout the organization by means of on-going training. All employees are required to know and understand the Quality System as demonstrated by training records, work performance, and auditing. Training records, internal audits, and management review indicate implementation of the quality policy throughout the organization. The primary authority for quality is vested in the Manager of Quality Assurance, who has the authority to flow the authority and responsibility for quality to the individual who fabricates and builds our products. The EG Machine Corp. Quality Manual is a controlled document, in accordance with 4.5 Document and Data Control.


The EG Machine Corp. Quality Manual describes system requirements for contracts between EG Machine Corp., hereafter known as EG, and its customers and demonstrates EG capability to maintain quality control for preventing nonconformity through all operations. The system provides for sufficient and adequate inspection to ensure that products manufactured conform to customer drawings and specifications. This manual provides a description of the quality management system, which includes AS9100 quality system requirements and specifies additional requirements for the quality system of the aerospace industry. It is emphasized that the quality system requirements specified in this standard are complimentary (not alternative) to the contractual and applicable law and regulatory requirements. When Government requirements are imposed by contract, the appropriate standards will be applied.


ISO Section 4.4 Design Control and 4.19 Product Servicing are not applicable to this quality system and are omitted from the Quality Manual. The numbering system is maintained to be consistent with the AS9100 Standard.


The following quality standards were consulted and employed during the establishment and continuing improvement of the EG Quality System:

1 ISO 9002: 1994(E) Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance
2 ISO10012.1 asq9001: 1994 QA Requirements for Measuring Equipment
3 SAE AS9100: 1999-11 Quality Systems Aerospace: Model for Quality
Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation, and Servicing


Quality Policy

The EG Machine Corp. Quality Manual acknowledges our commitment to Quality and our intent to:

1 Meet or exceed customer quality requirements without increasing the cost of the product.
2 Maintain our ongoing compliance with the AS9100 standard through continuous improvement.

EG Machine Corp. Quality Policy
Empowered Employees = Quality First

Our Goals:

1 To produce a high quality product that exceeds our customer’s expectations.
2 To recognize our customer’s needs and the complexity of their products.
3 To listen to employees that are empowered to create high quality products.
4 To deliver a high quality product, on time in a cost efficient manner.

All employees are required:

To understand and comply with the procedures of the Quality System relevant to their own work for the company.

This policy statement has been adopted this day, April 17, 2004.

The signature of EG management endorses the Quality Policy. It is communicated to all employees by the Quality Manager and EG management during AS9100 training and awareness sessions. In addition, this policy is prominently displayed throughout the facility. Documentation of an employees understanding the Quality Policy is contained in the employee’s training file.